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Nighthawk Wireless
Camera System

the best wireless solution

secure those hard to reach areas

Our Nighthawk system is a completely wireless system with lithium batteries for all devices and GPRS cell communication to eliminate a need for a POTS or Ethernet line to communicate. This system is ideal for outdoor, remote, or vacant sites that need protection with dependable verified detection.

The Nighthawk Motion CAM is typically installed to cover outdoor applications where broad viewing/detection coverage is needed. The system is armed and the motion sensor is activated, the system transmits 10 second digital video segment to our central station allowing us to verify the threat. This increases police response time as well as helps reduce false alarms.

Our Nighthawk solutions are best used in those hard to reach places for internet connections. This could include a construction site (exterior and interior of structure), accessible roof of a building, or a parking garage. Nighthawk allows you to keep an eye on those additional access points that don't lend themselves to a traditional camera surveillance system. The footage to the right is actual footage of the Nighthawk camera system in action.

Nighthawk teams up with Videofied monitoring services to reduce false alarms. All Nighthawk video is verified by Videofied, making all police responses verified. This increases the response time from the police and increases the apprehension rate.